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Service Orders

Elements XS simplifies the process of tracking requests and work performed. A Service Order in Elements XS is a single document that allows users to track requests for service as well as track any work that was performed to resolve the requests. Service Orders track labor, material, equipment, and contractor expenses related to each job as well as user-defined custom datasets and other required information to complete a job.   Service Orders combine features to replace Service Requests, Work Orders, Inspections, Preventive Maintenance Records (PMs), and more.

A single Service Order may contain many Tasks and many assets (multiple features across multiple feature classes), providing project summary data and affording the flexibility to associate work with all affected assets.

Key Benefits: 

  • Eliminate confusion stemming from which type(s) of documents should be created under different scenarios 
  • Reduce training time by simplifying terminology and reducing the number of processes to learn
  • Improve consistency across users and departments

Pre-Configured Templates

Elements XS can be deployed with pre-configured Service Order templates and categories based on the type of organization utilizing the application.  Users can then modify these templates to suit their individual needs, reducing configuration time and providing a solid foundation for asset management.

Alerts & Notifications

Elements XS includes tools for users to create in-app and email notifications based on any user-defined criteria.  An intuitive Home Page dashboard as well as map based data views help ensure users are aware of new items coming in and provide insight as to how each Service Order Task is cycling through it’s respective workflow.

Sample notification scenarios include: 

  • Assignment changes and status updates
  • High labor, materials, and/or equipment consumption
  • Low stock levels
  • Past due tasks and maintenance items
  • Asset condition and valuation data
  • Inspection results and scoring data

Elements XS also allow users to send outgoing emails directly from the app and relate those emails to assets to track communication with customers, contractors, and other contacts.

Routine Maintenance

Setup routine maintenance activities and auto-generate future maintenance tasks for both spatial and non-spatial infrastructure based on user-defined cycles and user-collected data.

Trigger routine maintenance based on calendar cycles and/or data points (hours, mileage, costing data).

Unique to Elements XS is the ability to:

  • Adjust maintenance schedules based on user-collected data (if the inspection scored above 90% schedule the next maintenance activity for 12 months later, if the inspection scored less than 40% schedule a follow up activity for next week).
  • Utilize external data sources to trigger maintenance activities
  • SCADA system sends an alarm, Elements XS interprets the alarm and triggers maintenance based off of the SCADA system data
  • Fleet software tracks mileage, Elements interprets this data and auto-generates a Service Order for the appropriate vehicle