What's New?

Here's what We've Been Up To.

Version / May 12, 2017 (controlled Release Only)

  1. Resolved error when manually creating Invoices
  2. Resolved CPU spike issues resulting from Dispatch Workspace large datasets
  3. Added workflow activity to escape characters for JSON strings
  4. Revised workflow process manager to remove date from unnecessary fields
  5. Other minor bug fixes

Version / April 28, 2017 (Latest Production Release)

  1. Resolved issue saving labor rates in Admin Tools
  2. Resolved issue selecting Statuses in Requests Module
  3. Resolved Report / Analytics Designer issues using Query Builder
  4. Adjusted "Add GIS Asset Relationship" window
  5. Other minor bug fixes

Version / March 23, 2017

  1. Added new features to and refined data input processes for Requests Module
  2. Revised API tools for Requests Module
  3. Other minor bug fixes

Version / March 10, 2017

  1. Added Requests Module
  2. Revised home page filter logic to address bug showing incorrect number of Tasks on the home page in certain sceanrios
  3. Fixed issue editing Contractor grid on Service Order Tasks
  4. Fixed Utility Billing integration issue with UserID when user did not belong to all Divisions
  5. Other minor bug fixes

Version / Feb 22, 2017

  1. Revised attachments functionality, allowing for configuration based file attachment types
  2. Revised filter logic on Home page to reduce load time
  3. Added management tools in Admin Tools to manage maintenance action workflows (you can now trigger workflows on maintenance actions - cool!)
  4. Added workflow activity to post fees to UMS utility billing application
  5. Added logging option for UpdateGeometry workflow activity
  6. Changed "Work Management" text in main navigation menu to icon, allowing use of Office WS on iPads and other tablet devices
  7. Other minor bug fixes


Version / Feb 7, 2017

  1. Enabled Bill To feature on Service Order Tasks
  2. Adjusted Purchase Orders and Item Receipts to refresh on Save, without requiring users to close and re-open the form
  3. Corrected error caused when generating Audit Worksheets in the Inventory Workspace
  4. Resolved issue where "Bill To Account" data was not populating with SO Template data in certain circumstances
  5. Resolved issue where "Add" workflows would not trigger on maintenance based Tasks
  6. Resolved issue affecting the Default Sell Price on Assets
  7. Adjusted UI to include default account on Assets
  8. Added Post Fee option to UMS utility billing software
  9. Other minor bug fixes


Version / Jan 13, 2017

  1. Improved "Facilities" asset type, allowing work to be tied to a location such as a building or room without requiring the user to define the building or room as an asset
  2. Added ability to spatially query Elements data via workflows without being on the maps (for example, when a task is generated, auto assign it to certain person based on geometry)
  3. Adjusted consistency of phone number formatting in various grids
  4. Adjusted Service Order Code translation issues with UMS utility billing software
  5. Added labor sell and cost values (improved over previous "sell only" value)
  6. Updated UI for adding mobile map viewers to user accounts
  7. Resolved issue where PO could not be completed if non-inventory items were on the PO
  8. Adjusted UI to allow closing records using "x" in top corner after using Quick Lookup
  9. Revised PO to allow printing without having to save and reopen the PO
  10. Other minor bug fixes