Upgrading is Easy

Quicker support. Better mobile maps. More flexibility.

Elements XS3 offers a full suite of GIS-based asset & work management software with a clean path for upgrades and data migration.

No Budget Changes

Assuming the number of users and project scope is similar to what you're doing now, you'll pay the same, or less, than you're current annual fees.

No migraiton fees.png

Easy Data Migration 

We've successfully migrated many major platforms on the market, which means migration fees will be minimal and migration time will be speedy.

SMOOTH, Timely Transition

We'll get you up and running before your current maintenance expires so you're ready for a smooth transition.  No rush, no lapsed maintenance, plenty of time to test, train, and prepare for the transition.

Why Elements?

We're not the only app on the block, so why choose Elements?

Here's what Our customers say:

Feedback Is heard & Incorporated. Fast.

On average, we add 175 customer-requested enhancements to Elements each year (about 1 every 2 days).

Average time from feature request to delivery? Less than 90 days.

Most major issues are fixed and patched within a day.

Most minor issues are fixed and patched within a week.

All customers have dedicated support reps who personally know the customers and are familiar with their setup. 

You can send text messages to our staff to report issues, make a suggestion, or just say hello... and you'll receive a text in return, from an actual human, with a real answer.


Unmatched Flexibility.

Elements allows you to create your own workflow processes and tailor the user experience to the unique needs of your organization without custom code.

This means you're not restricted to how we believe you should do business; Elements XS3 is flexible enough to adapt to your unique business requirements via:

  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Unlimited custom record layouts
  • Unlimited custom workflow processes
  • Automated user-defined follow up events and triggers
  • Data analysis and calculations on user-defined custom data schemas

Each of the above is accomplished using Windows Workflow Foundation technology and our Dynamic Data management system, found only in Elements.  

Don't worry, all custom data is stored nicely in SQL and can be easily queried for reports and spatial analysis.

Company Priorities & Objectives.

You won't find a large Elements booth at the annual ESRI User Conference and we don't have a mascot.  Instead, we put our money into a better product and more responsive support; according to our customers, it's working.

Our goals are to provide better, faster support and an excellent product, which means being smart about how we grow and making sure each customer is a success story.  If our software doesn't look like a good fit for your organization we'll let you know, and try to point you to another vendor who can better serve your needs.



Try it out for free.

Drop us a line, we'll run you through the app and if you think it looks like a good fit we'll set you up with a free trial.

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