Tips & Tricks

a few things Customers are doing that we think are pretty slick.

Sidewalk Deficiencies

City of Rochester, MN

In this workflow the user clicks on the map to report a problem and the nearest asset is selected.  The Service Order is tied to both the problem point and the asset (at the same time), and calculations are performed to determine asset valuation and any potential customer credits.  Super neat!

Streamline Materials via Workflow

Bountiful Irrigation, UT

In this video, Bountiful Irrigation uses workflows to add materials and equipment via workflow.  The process allows them to select material categories, then individual items within the categories, and enter quantities without leaving the map.

Requests Module

Submit Requests Independent of Service Orders

This video shows the Requests module, available in version 3.0.11.  Users can submit basic requests to different divisions without actually creating Service Orders.  Service Orders can then be generated and linked to the requests if required.

Citizen Workspace

External Ticket Submission

This demo shows how citizens can login to an external website and submit requests, which translate directly to Service Orders in Elements XS3.  Elements users can interact with citizens and keep citizens informed as issues are resolved.

Patching Pot Holes in 3 Seconds

City of Covington, WA

This demo video below, shows how quickly potholes can be patched using Elements  XS3.  Separate records are created for each pot hole while labor, material, and equipment usage is equally distributed amongst the work orders based on the number of pot holes and the time duration entered by the user.

811 (Locate) Tickets Integration

Automate Receiving and Processing Tickets

In this demo, locate tickets are received via email and Elements XS processes the tickets, displays where they are on the map, and allows users to quickly close out Service Order Tasks to indicate the work has been completed.

Street Maintenance in 2 Seconds

City of Covington, WA

In this demo video, we create separate records on multiple street segments.  Each work order indicates which type(s) of work were performed, who did the work, how long it took, which equipment was used, material consumption, and more - all in less than 2 seconds per record.

Map Based Charts & Graphs

Multiple Customers

This video shows how to select items on the map and generate charts and graphs based on the selected data.

Custom Map Visualizations

City of Maple Valley, WA

Select data on the map and view heat maps, feature clustering, and use on-the-fly custom map visualizations to interact with Elements XS data.

Query via Geometry / Print with Maps

City of Rochester, mN

A basic example of selecting Tasks on the map and printing a list of Tasks together with a map for each Task.

Streamlined Call Intake / Dispatching

City of Rochester, MN

This a fairly sophisticated workflow that shows how to streamline the process of logging phone calls, relating those phone calls to Service Orders, and relating data to multiple types of assets at the same time.

Have something you'd like us to showcase here? Let us know!