Municipal & Civil Operations

Permits, licenses, inspections, and more.

Building Department

The dynamic data management tools in Elements XS give users the ability to efficiently manage Building Permits, Inspections, Certificates of Occupancy and other construction-related items. Basic features include: 

  • Customers and contractors can submit permit applications online
  • Notify customers and contractors of status changes and application progress via email or text message in real-time
  • Monitor interdepartmental approval statuses of each permit application
  • Manage fees, building valuations, and footage assessments associated with permits and applications
  • Create configurable inspections based on Permit Application types
  • Generate permanent and temporary Certificates of Occupancy
  • Monitor expiration and activity dates for certificates and inspections 
  • Manage contractors, certification levels, identification numbers, and other contractor related data

Code Enforcement

Elements XS offers the necessary tools to manage and enforce municipal code. Users can manage nuisance calls, code violations, case files, and other code-related items including the ability to: 

  • Monitor status updates for individual case files
  • Set follow up dates for code violations
  • Visualize code violation locations on GIS maps
  • Schedule field inspections and reviews 
  • Manage fees associated with violations and permits
  • Allow customers to submit complaints and violation reports via the web 

Permits, Licenses, & Other Applications

Manage Business Licenses, Conditional Use Permits, and other applications specific to the unique needs of your organization with Elements XS. Typical examples of licenses and permits managed within Elements XS include: 

  • Business & Solicitor Licenses
  • Home Occupation Permits
  • Alcohol Beverage Control
  • Animal Licenses 
  • Firearms
  • Restaurant Licenses • Fireworks
  • Tobacco
  • Watercraft
  • Sign Permits