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Utility Billing Integration

Elements XS includes tools for a live connection to multiple utility billing applications to provide location, customer, meter, and service data to field technicians in realtime directly from the utility billing application. Tools to update the utility billing software directly from Elements XS are also available to avoid duplicate entries. Utility billing data can be visualized in the GIS to show consumption data, usage history, and other field-critical data. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Analyze usage and consumption data using GIS then create Service Orders based on utility billing data
  • Optimize shut off / disconnect routes, meter reads, and more
  • Perform meter change outs, reads, installations, and more in Elements XS and post the transactions directly to the utility billing application to eliminate double entry
  • Access up-to-date customer, location, meter, and service information directly from the utility billing application

SCADA Integration

Use the included workflow processor in Elements XS to seamlessly integrate with your SCADA system.

When the SCADA system sends an alarm, the alarm is picked up by the Elements XS workflow processor and a Service Order (or other appropriate record type) is auto-generated in Elements XS and associated to the correct asset(s).  Users are notified of the new Service Order and the transaction between the SCADA alarm and Elements XS is seamless.

CCTV / Inspection Videos

Elements XS includes tools to view and interact with CCTV videos without any custom configuration or application development.

Open a sewer line and quickly view data from third party video inspection software.  Use the Elements XS workflow processor to analyze data from video inspection software to auto-generate Service Orders and maintenance activity based on events in the video inspection application.

Fleet Integrations

Use Elements XS to view and analyze data from third party fleet management software including snow plow routes, vehicle location data, and auxiliary data including when a plow blade was up / down and how much sand / salt was utilized throughout a storm event.

Using the Elements XS workflow processor, follow up events and can be auto-generated based on the data collected in third party fleet management applications.

One Call Tickets / 811 Integration

Dig safe. Bluestakes. Mark out.  One call.  811.  Every state calls it something different - regardless of terminology, when a new ticket is received Elements XS can process the ticket, show the geography of where the mark out is required, auto-generate and auto-assign a Service Order to mark the ticket.

The ticket is displayed on a mobile device where field staff can click on the ticket on the map, take one or more pictures, make notes about how the line was marked, and close out the Service Order.

For states requiring a positive response, Elements XS can push data back up the chain and submit a response to the one call center that the ticket has been marked.