GIS Integration

Read and write directly to and from your GIS using your native ESRI map services.

No copying, no synchronizing, just referencing your GIS in it's native format.

Use ESRI's ArcGIS for Server or ArcGIS online

Elements connects directly with an unlimited number of map and/or feature services that have been published via ESRI’s ArcGIS for Server and/or ArcGIS Online.   Elements XS interacts directly with published REST endpoints and there are no limits to the number or types of map services that can be utilized, so long as they are supported by the native ESRI platform.  Read / write feature access permissions are controlled at the user level and all interaction with map services is real time; the geodatabase is the single, authoritative dataset for all spatial assets and no data is copied or synchronized.

Users can easily integrate query layers to graphically represent any dataset within Elements XS such as locations of work, labor, types of work, job costing details, and more. Setup geofences to define job routing and other workflow processing criteria; heat maps, feature clustering, and map-based reporting also enhance the GIS integration experience. 

All map viewers are built on HTML5 technology and will work on any device in any standard web browser. Elements XS also offers a direct integration with Geocortex Essentials by Latitude Geographics, providing the most flexible, best performing web map viewer on the market. 

The GIS integration in Elements XS allows users to update feature data directly from Elements XS documents and/or update Elements XS data using GIS feature data to seamlessly share data and provide optimal performance. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Access live GIS data with a direct, real-time integration to ESRI’s ArcGIS platform • Use your existing GIS without modification
  • View Service Order and other asset management data on maps in real-time
  • Update GIS feature data directly from Elements XS documents 
  • Spatially select individual assets or groups of assets to create Service Orders