Standard Features.

Elements is an all-inclusive application, these features are included with every deployment.

Web Technology

  • Choose on-premise or cloud-based hosting
  • Use any browser on any device

Service & Work Order Management

  • Pre-define custom templates
  • Define custom data to collect
  • Track labor, materials & equipment
  • Employee & crew assignments
  • Scheduled vs. actual dates
  • Preventive & reactive maintenance
  • Work history audits

Inventory Management

  • Create purchase orders & item receipts
  • FIFO costing method
  • Inventory audit tools
  • Transfer & adjust stock levels
  • Manage multiple inventory warehouses
  • Manage vendors & contractors
  • Pre-define materials required for service & work orders

Non-Spatial Assets

  • Track work on vehicles, equipment & other non-spatial assets
  • Unlimited asset types
  • Custom asset field definitions
  • Organize assets into a custom hierarchy

Maintenance Schedules

  • Schedule calendar-based maintenance
  • Schedule maintenance activities based on asset data (mileage, hours & more)
  • Available SCADA integration


  • Built-in report designer
  • Create graphs & charts to visualize data

For Your IT Folks

  • Microsoft .NET 4.5 framework
  • MS SQL database backend

GIS Integration

  • Integrate with ArcGIS Server 10.2 or later
  • Integrate with ArcGIS Online
  • Options for ArcGIS Desktop
  • View work locations in GIS
  • Perform spatial analysis on work
  • Create heat maps & geographic reports based on work locations
  • Select one or more assets on the map & create a work order in one click

Interface Options

  • Customize grid layouts, page display & map functionality for each user
  • Customize look, feel & functionality based on job function
  • Mobile interfaces for phone & tablet

Utility Billing & CIS

  • Real-time read & write integrations with utility billing & customer information systems
  • Integrate billing data with GIS
  • Access billing data in the field
  • Install, replace, read meters & more
  • Real-time field access to customer & location data

Permits, Licenses & Inspections

  • Define custom layouts & data collection fields
  • Define custom statuses & workflows
  • System notifications across multiple departments

Workflows & Notifications

  • Design custom workflows across multiple departments
  • Create custom email & text notifications based on activities

Dynamic Data

  • Build custom datasets to be used with assets, work orders, permits, licenses & other objects
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Design custom document layouts
  • Create notifications & workflows based on custom data