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More than a Citizen Problem Reporter

Online software and apps for citizens to report problems are everywhere.

Our goal with Elements XS Connect was to create something more - a powerful platform where citizens can not only report issues, but also submit applications, pay for services, interact with customer support, and more - all in a single, integrated portal. 


Seamless GIS Integration

Integrate directly with Esri’s ArcGIS platform to visualize the data collected with Connect, automate processes based on geography, and streamline operations.  

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Contractor Engagement

Contractors can use Elements XS Connect to submit and pay for permit applications, view and complete work assignments, receive and provide live status updates on work being performed, and more. 

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We think using the right tool for the job is always a good idea.  If you’ve already got a solution in place for citizens to report issues, we’re with you.  Integrations with Esri’s Citizen Problem Reporter and many other industry standard problem reporters are easily accomplished with Elements XS Connect. 

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Workflow Driven

Create your own processes for online document submittals and follow up processes.  Guide Connect users through data collection and input processes using user-defined workflows and modern web technologies for a simplified, integrated experience.  


Mobile Friendly

Elements XS Connect uses the latest HTML5, CSS, and bootstrap technologies to ensure a mobile friendly experience for contractors, citizens, and others who use the platform. 


Friendlier Citizen Requests

You love your citizens. You'll love them even more when they stop calling you on the phone.

Citizen Requests Made Easy

Using Elements XS Connect, citizens can login to your website, submit a problem, then track the progress of their issue as it cycles through your organization.

Tickets submitted by citizens are seamlessly integrated with Elements XS and internal Elements XS users can interact with citizens by commenting on tickets and updating citizens as tickets progress.

As citizen-submitted tickets progress through their lifecycle, citizens are notified of the progress and can login to check ticket statuses at anytime.

All tickets are seamlessly integrated with the clients GIS and allow for full GIS-based reporting and analysis of citizen-submitted tickets.

Esri Integrated

Already using Esri’s Citizen Responder? No problem, we’ve got a seamless integration.


Plays Well with Others

Elements XS Connect can easily integrate with many citizen request platforms on the market, so if you’re looking to integrate we’ve got you covered.


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