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Esri Enterprise Asset Management: Integrating Elements XS

So you have a great web-based GIS built on the Esri platform?  You’ve got a quiver full of configured mobile applications riding in the hip pockets of the crew leads as well as on the tablets of the executives.  Your system renders maps of critical physical assets by the thousands every day.  Your users are armed with geographic superpowers.  The GIS is rendering return on investment.  You are feeling pretty good about things.  Great job!  Really, Esri’s ArcGIS Enterprise platform is the right tool to empower your organization with geographic knowledge.

But maybe you are starting to feel that, “what have you done for me lately” vibe? Maybe you are wondering how to take things to the next level. Sure, your users love GIS, but they are ready for more. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your operations management and asset management tools just like you did with your mapping tools? Maybe those paper scrap work-orders surfing around on the dusty dashboards of your utility trucks could benefit from your fancy GIS technology as-well?

Enter Elements XS asset management.  Elements XS is an operations and asset management solution that is designed to operate using the familiar web-based patterns you‘ve become accustomed to.  You can receive inbound work requests, dispatch work to the appropriate resources and relate the work to your GIS features, review rich data and content from inbound from field crews, close the feedback loop with your customers, and analyze operational patterns to document costs and improve service levels.  Elements XS handles the entire cycle of operations and asset management.  Maybe best of all, Elements XS integrates directly with the Esri stack... seriously, we aren’t just saying the word ‘integrate’ because that’s what you’re supposed to say to be polite.  The Esri geodatabase is the authoritative asset repository for Elements software.  That’s a fancy industry way to say that we stay in our lane and let Esri do Esri.  There is no need to reinvent that wheel.  “Our lane” is to extend the ArcGIS Enterprise platform into the heart of an Enterprise Asset Management system with a highly extensible big-boy solution that mirrors the way you do business.  We’re not just talking about the geodatabase, we’re talking about integrating with mobile apps, desktop apps, insights, WAB, Surevy123... the whole “Jack Stack”.

What can you expect from Elements XS?

  • Modern web-based software with a UI designed for mobile devices

  • Seamless integration with the Esri stack including Enterprise items, REST API and Webhooks

  • Geocortex web mapping technology

  • Ultra-flexible user experience

  • Open and extensible architecture with an object-oriented model builder for code-less customizations

  • Streamlined support for your entire operational lifecycle dispatch/execute/report/analyze

  • Further integration with billing/CRM software

With Elements XS working with your Esri maps, you double down on modern workflows by adding full featured enterprise asset management to that beautiful GIS stack you’ve come to love.  If you are interested in learning more visit and schedule a demo.