City of Springville Finds Success with GIS-Based Asset Management & Geocortex Essentials

The City of Springville, Utah has successfully implemented Elements XS together with Geocortex Essentials for a complete asset and work management application across their water, sewer, storm drain, pressurized irrigation, streets, sanitation, and power generation and distribution departments.

The City manages service requests, work orders, inspections, and routine maintenance activities using a seamless integration between Elements XS and Geocortex Essentials.  Elements XS goes beyond a basic application extension and offers a full, seamless integration with Geocortex Essentials; meaning Elements XS can utilize the Geocortex Essentials engine 100% of the time for all mapping requirements.   The integration between the applications has given the City of Springville the ability to utilize the full power of the Geocortex Workflow Designer and HTML5 viewer technology to deploy user-specific maps and simplify workflow processes for individual users and departments throughout the City, including the mobile workforce.

According to Michael Philp, GIS Analyst at Springville City:

The power of the Geocortex HTML5 viewer along with the ability to customize specific workflows for our field crews is key for us. Field workers prefer to work from the map view as much as possible and ElementsXS paired with Geocortex Essentials makes that possible for us.

One example of the integration includes a streamlined workflow to dispatch meter readers in the Power department; office personnel use a custom workflow activity to validate an address against the utility billing software and generate a Service Order to dispatch a meter technician.  Meter technicians have an iPad based map, specific to their job function that shows the locations of each activity that is assigned to them.  Technicians have access to meter and customer information from the utility billing software; to complete the work the technician selects the job on the map using the Essentials HTML5 viewer, enters the data using a custom Geocortex workflow, and the data is sent to Elements XS where the Service Order processed.  The job is then automatically removed from the meter tech's map and routed back to the Finance department for review.

Sewer and Storm departments utilize the integration between Geocortex Essentials and Elements XS to complete infrastructure inspections.  Inspection results are rated and scored in order for the superintendent to find problem areas and efficiently manage work that's taking place.  The technicians perform the inspections by clicking on the asset on the map and using a Geocortex Essentials workflow to capture and send the data to Elements XS and ArcGIS for Server where the data is analyzed.

The Water department utilizes the integration to manage water main breaks, meter reads, and all other service calls.  The integration between Elements XS and their utility billing software also provides real-time meter data and customer information for field technicians.

In the Streets department, custom Essentials workflows are integrated with Elements XS to manage sign installations and repairs, sidewalk deficiencies, and pavement work.  All data is captured and sent to Elements XS in real-time where managers can manage workloads and easily track work history by clicking on an asset in the Geocortex HTML5 map viewer and viewing the asset management data from Elements XS in real-time.

The Power Generation department uses Elements XS to track routine inspections on equipment as well as reactive service items on non-spatial infrastructure.

What's Next? The City plans to spend more time working with the Elements XS Analytics tools and continue to streamline operations for individual users by creating custom workflows with Essentials and Elements XS.