Asset Management

Asset and maintenance scoring. Condition assessments. Reports and dashboards.

Asset Condition Assessment

Generate asset condition scores based on maintenance data together with feature class data such as age, material, and other factors affecting the life expectancy of an asset.

Use Elements XS to analyze this data and auto-generate maintenance activity for assets that fall within user-defined condition scoring parameters.

Maintenance Scoring

Use Elements XS to generate a maintenance score each time maintenance is performed on an asset.  View maintenance scoring trends over time and auto-generate activity based on maintenance scores.

Quickly find all assets where the latest maintenance score is poor and auto-generate Service Orders for these assets.

Asset Depreciation and Valuation

Elements XS includes reporting tools to assist with GASB and PSAB requirements. Use Elements XS to view which assets are nearing the end of their lifecycle and estimated repair / replacement costs for these assets. 


Key Benefits: 

  • View current value and replacement cost for any asset or group of assets
  • Define custom depreciation schedules based on asset type
  • Spatially locate assets that meet user-defined depreciation or valuation criteria and create batch Service Orders against these assets

Reporting & Analytics

Elements XS includes many pre-built reports to track information common to the majority of Elements XS customers. All reports can be modified to suit the individual needs of an organization using the included reporting tools. Elements XS includes a report designer to generate tabular reports, an analytics designer to generate dashboards, and tools to generate spatial reports that are seamlessly integrated with your GIS. Elements XS also utilizes an open Microsoft SQL database so any other reporting engine can also be used if desired.

All reports can also be exported to Excel, PDF, HTML, Text, CSV, Rtf, and image. 

Report Designer

The Elements XS Report Designer is a client side tool included with every Elements XS deployment that allows users to connect to the Elements XS SQL database to modify existing report templates or generate new reports. The drag and drop interface provides industry standard reporting functionality as well as tools for charts, graphs, and more.  

Analytics Designer

The Analytics Designer is also a client side tool included with every Elements XS deployment. This designer allows users to create dashboards based on any data collected in Elements XS. Pre-built dashboards can be modified to suit specific needs of an organization or users can create new dashboards based on pre-built SQL views designed to provide quick access to the most commonly used data in Elements XS. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Create tabular reports, dashboards, and map based reports
  • Use pre-built reports to quickly access common reports
  • Modify exiting report templates or build new reports using the included designers
  • All reports are integrated with the Analytics Workspace to provide administrators quick
  • access to live reporting data

GIS Based Reporting

A picture is worth a thousand words - use your GIS to display areas with high concentrations of labor, work, or other user-defined criteria. Access labor, equipment, and materials usage and analyze asset conditions from the map. Spatially view data from any report or dashboard in Elements XS.